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Anyone who celebrates the Greek culture can submit anything Greek! Ζήτω η Ελλάδα!  Greek(s).

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15:42 fyeahgreekislands:

Paros, Greece. (by Akallisti)
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| ♕ |  Narrow alley in Mykonos, Greece  | by © Ken Hircock
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Canal de Corinto - Grécia on Flickr.
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Corfu Island. June, 2012.
thecaptainofbuttons: Hi! Since you guys are a Greek blog I was wondering you could put the word out about the dance conference my group is hosting? I'm from Dionysos Hellenic Cultural Society in Calgary and we're hosting a dance conference in Banff Canada November 9-12. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter or me here on tumblr for more info. Thanks!!

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Santorini, Greece
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Hi followers! I need a huge favor from you all. Please take a second to vote for the “Chicago Area Universities Combined Team.” I’m Greek and the Hellenic Student Associations in the Chicago area will be able to get a grant for service projects. And we love to help out the community! Thank you and have a happy Saturday!! (: